The Live Hashtag Printer

Print live social media photos at events, driving your hashtag and brand further organically

Turn everyone into content creators

The Snapita Hashtag Printer inspires engagement by allowing your guests to capture content from every corner of your event, using their phones to take and share photos on Instagram & Twitter.

Photos are shared and tagged with your event hashtag to provide social reach data. Plus, your guests get an instant branded photo to keep. Pretty cool right?

It's as easy as...

1. Snap
2. Tag
3. Print
Attendees take photos on their phone from wherever they'd like, capturing the entire event.
Attendees upload their photos to Instagram or Twitter with your designated hashtag.
Snapita monitors your hashtag and automatically prints tagged photos to keep.

The perfect companion for
Product Launches Charity Events Music Festivals Brand Promotion Sporting Events Exhibitions

Beautifuly Branded Prints

Put your brand in the hands of your guests with a fully customisable, branded print!

Prints can be customised with your brand and colours, overlays and captions. Go as crazy as you like with your print design. No design guys? No problem. We can take care of it all.

Event & Social Analytics

Watch your campaign blow up!

Getting your brand noticed by people is great. What is better, is seeing just that happen in front of your eyes. We track the number of prints, users, social reach and impressions. Watch your hashtag explode as your customers and guests are busy sharing your brand!

…Competitions, Coupons, Surveys and Data Collection

The Snapita Instagram Printer makes it easy to run competitions to build excitement about your brand. We can create a contest to encourage your audience to interact and engage with your brand, spreading the word and building a following.

We can even encourage customers & guests to get involved by printing a coupon with every hashtagged photo. Everybody wins!

Each month we help deliver...

3 thousand
2.4 million
1 million

Got Questions? We've got answers...

Can we customise the instagram pictures that are printed at our event?
Heck yes! We can fully customise the images, our in-house design team can help create an eye-catching template to compliment your event.
Can the Instagram Printer itself be branded?
Yes! The Snapita Instagram Printer can be wrapped in whatever design required, this could be your corporate colours, logo or whatever you would like.
Is there a limit to the number of prints?
Nope. We don’t limit the number of Instagram & twitter pictures a user can print. Unlimited prints are included with our standard package.
Can you moderate the photos that have been taken?
As your customers and guests are uploading images to their own Instagram account, we’re not able to moderate what is uploaded. We can however remove them so they cannont be re-printed or appear in the slideshow.
Does the Snapita Instagram Printer need internet access to work?
Yep, the majority of venues we’re present at have WIFI we can jump onto, we also have a 4G modem in case of emmergency.
Will the Instagram Printer work if my Instagram account is set to private?
No. User accounts need to be set to Public in order to work.
Can have a slideshow of the Instagram photos on a big screen?
Can we ever! We can beam all the photos printed by the Instagram Printer to a screen or projector at your venue. There is an additional charge for this but it’s totally worth it, it looks the business!
What size do the photos print?
The photos print out as standard 6"×4" prints.
Will the Snapita Instagram Printer keep up with our event?
Pretty much yes! However, if you are doing a massive event we can deploy additional Instagram Printers to handle the extra workload. There is an extra charge for this service if required.
Do we need a special hashtag for this to work?
We advise you use a hashtag that is not widely used. The Snapita Instagram Printer will print any photo uploaded to Instagram or Twitter with your hashtag. This means if your chosen hashtag is in regular use by other users you will have a bunch of random photos printed at your event. We suggest something like #MyCompanyEvent. We can check to see if if a hashtag is being widely used so give us a shout to check.
Where does the Snapita Instagram Printer Hire cover?
Our Instagram Printer is based in Birmingham but travels around the country, dependant on distace a travel cost may be applied